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One of my neighborhood friends has had two expectant dachshunds, and they gave birth just five days apart. Four puppies are in each litter. Today I stopped by to visit them, and fell in love with them all!

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Hello everybody. I want to share with you a photo of a friend (which I have done to her) with her favorite – Poodle Bonik. I have always heard a lot about it, but I have never seen it, but I had the opportunity to meet with him and well, that I had a camera. Just look what love is between them. It’s great when hosts love pets.

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That night recedes, giving way to predawn twilight. Out of the gray darkness, the obscure outlines of the world around us — the silhouettes of trees — gradually emerge. The sky brightens. Silence reigns around. Light breeze blowing. Morning coolness spreads over the ground. Nature freezes, as if preparing for a miracle.

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I like snowy weather. Today many people go for a walk with children. They make snowmen and go on sledges… Children are very happy. They enjoy frosty weather and snow.

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Hello, my dearest friends! Today I decided to show you my photos that I took in our Safari Park. Someone here, we have not seen 🙂 And the very design of the Park is very much everyone liked. There were many original sculptures and buildings

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